Persicaria maculosa S. F. Gray 1822, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. 2: 269
Persicaria maculosa S. F. Gray 1822, Natural Arrangement of British Plants 2: 269
Originalbeschreibung / original description:
"4. Persicaria muculosa. Spotted peachwort.
Stem erect; leaves ovate, lanceolate, often spotted, bald; stipules fringed; spikes ovate, oblong; peduncles smooth; style nearly 2-cut.
Persicaria maculosa, Rajj Syn. 145; Ger. em. 445, 2.
Persicaria vulgaris mitis seu maculosa, Park, 856.
Polygonum Persicaria, Lin. S. P. 518.
Polygonum nudicaule, Salisb. Prod. 259.
Dead arsesmart.
Damp places; annual; July and August.
Stem 3 feet high, alternately branched; leaves spreading, deflexed; spike upright, rose-red."
Nom. nov. für Polygonum persicaria L. 1753, Sp. Pl. 1: 361

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