The family Psathyrellaceae currently encloses the larger genera Psathyrella, Coprinellus and Coprinopsis, as well as the comparatively small Cystoagaricus, Lacrymaria, Parasola, Homophron and Mythicomyces, finally, the recently established genera Kauffmania and Typhrasa.
The focus here is on the"classic" genus Psathyrella, that is the species traditionally considered to be members of this Genus and some species that have recently been transferred to other Genera. Species for which no material has been available are given a short summary after each cited reference. All other species (with names given in the list in bold) are considered in more detail, with the characteristics of all collections being described and a list compiled of all the literature references. The micro-drawings are presented in a manner which minimises space. The distribution data is based on the information in the literature cited; online databases were not used. The North American species described in Smith (1972) are referred to only in exceptional circumstances, e. g. if a species also occurs on other continents.
Under the topic "Coll.exam." the collections are listed, giving the herbarium number as reference. These notes are in German (integrated in the "German version" of this site). The drawings there have no scale. However, information about the habitats and substrates are available. There is a recording sheet with the macroscopic features, a habit drawing and the original drawings of the microfeatures archived for each collection. The records are deposited, if not otherwis estated, in the private fungarum of Andreas Melzer (AM).
A preliminary key of species to Psathyrella is presented as a pdf of all species known from Europe or the immediate neighbourhood. Notes, additions and corrections are always welcome! A second, even more rudimentary key is presented for "exotic" species. Descriptions of these exotic species are being prepared as a work in progress which is not yet available. Finally "doubtful" species have been listed, for which an accurate interpretation is not readily possible, as well as numerous species "excluded" as they do not belong to Psathyrella. The doubtful and excluded species generally refer to names used in older (historical) references.
Various nomenclatural proposed amendments are not official, but to be understood as a suggestion. The same applies to the classification of Coprinellus, Coprinopsis and Parasola. Details of these proposals are located in the overview or under the (sub-)sections.
A list of synonyms is provided for all genera.

[Many thanks to Julian Branscombe for the translation.]